Konihi Paddle

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Please make a selection for Blade, Handle, and Shaft BEFORE you add to the cart. *100 Flex Long shaft (adds 4") also available contact us for details.

The Konihi was designed with racing in mind. It utilizes "winglets" taken from aviation technology to make the blade work more efficiently and help avoid problems like blade flutter/wobble. Just like an aircraft wing a paddle creates high and low pressures when moving through the water; and just like a wing when these pressures converge they create vortices which lead to inefficiency as well as other problems. The winglets help divert these vortices out and away from the back of the blade giving you a more efficient stroke, Improved blade stability and increased drive. All of this combined leads to a better paddling experience, leaving you less fatigued. If you're a serious racer or want the best performance available, this is the blade choice for you. 

To configure your paddle, you will need to choose a Blade, a Shaft, and a Handle. Besides the standard shafts and handles we offer a long shaft ($25 extra) and the very versatile Extended Ergo T handle ($50 extra) as a selectable option. The Extended Ergo T handle is also available separately for $65. Sorry, the Extended Ergo T does not fit other manufacturer's paddles.

Paddle Lengths with uncut Standard Shaft: Konihi 84: 84", Konihi 95: 85" (Long Shaft adds 4". If you need one contact us at customerservice@kenalu.com).

Additional hot glue is available for purchase in the Accessories section.