Adjustable Part Instructions

STOP! Read These Instructions First

Installation is simple but following these instructions will insure it’s done properly. Glue is not provided but is available on our website and at most hardware stores (amber colored high-bond strength hot
glue works best & what is recommended in case the part needs to be removed).

*Care must be taken to not overheat parts when installing*

Make sure to wear protective eye wear and take all necessary precautions to avoid injury.

General Information:

This part is designed to fit at the 15- 1/8 inch (38.4cm) point, measured from the handle end
toward the blade, to allow the most adjustability for average heights (between 5 to 6 feet) it can
however be placed up to 8 inches lower on the shaft, with minimal sanding and 6 inches
higher before needing to shim (due to the tapered shaft). If you are the sole user of this part,
take into account your height and place the part to allow as much adjustment as necessary. It’s
unlikely a single user will need the full range of adjustability, so place the part with the handle
fully inserted at the lowest point of adjustment. This will allow maximum handle insertion at your
full length which reduces chance of breakage. Remember the adage “Measure twice cut once”. Although
the part is quite strong (it’s endured poundings in 10 ft. plus Hawaiian surf) it’s designed to be
the weak link. We feel it’s much better to replace a cheap plastic part than an expensive carbon
fiber one

What You’ll Need:
• A tape measure
• Masking Tape
• Pencil
• Hack saw (with fine tooth blade for cutting shaft)
• Sand Paper (80 or 100 grit)
• Glue (Amber Colored High-Strength, Hot Glue )
• Something flexible to spread glue (a broken hack saw blade works great)
• Heat gun or cheap hair dryer (expensive hair dryers cut out when overheated)

• Measure the amount of shaft to be cut off from the Handle end of the shaft, and place masking
tape completely around the shaft at this point. Re-measure and draw a line around the shaft on the
tape to use as a guide when cutting. (Cutting through the taped shaft reduces the chance of

• Cut the shaft at this point, make sure to roll the shaft while cutting; this keeps “fresh” shaft on the blade & reduces the chance of splintering.

• Slightly scuff the inside portion of the part that will be glued on the shaft (the half
without the tabs & screws). Heavy sanding is not necessary; we’re just giving some “teeth” for the

• Now place the part on the shaft where it will glue on & trace a line around the shaft.

• Slightly scuff the shaft to the line you just drew.

• Taping off the area isn’t really necessary but if you don’t trust yourself tape slightly below the area on the shaft where the part will be glued. (if you use tape you can draw a line on the tape to match the seam line on the adjustable part to help properly align the part when gluing).

• Clean all the dust & debris off the shaft and inside the adjustable part.
• Spread a generous amount of glue around the shaft (a glue gun is not necessary, if you have one great, if not just heat up some glue in a clean metal container (an old aluminum can turned upside down, using the cupped underside works fine)

• If using a glue gun; once glue is applied, quickly re-heat the glue & spread it evenly around the shaft.

• With either a heat gun or hair dryer (if using a hair dryer block some of the air inlet holes on the back, this creates more heat out the front) heat up the adjustable part, then give the glue a quick re-heat.

• Slide the adjustable part on the shaft using a back and forth twisting motion as you push to help spread the glue onto the part evenly. Avoid pulling and pushing movements to keep glue from entering the inside of the shaft, which could block insertion of the handle; only back & forth twisting as you push the part on.

• When done properly, there should be a solid bead of glue around the entire edge of the part.

• Check to insure the part is aligned straight by sighting down the slot and lining it up with the blade (or on the line you drew on the tape).

• Take something with a rounded edge (a popsicle stick works well) and remove the excess glue from around the part. If necessary quickly re- heat the glue, the glue comes off smoothly when warm but will ball up if it starts to cool. (The glue is hot & will burn you, don’t use your fingers ).

• Double check to make sure part remained aligned, slightly heat & adjust if necessary.

Using the Adjustable Part:

General information:

The nuts should fit snugly into the part however, take care so the screws thread slightly to avoid losing the screws or nuts. A small drop of super glue in the corner of where the nut seats (but not so much to make removing the nut difficult if it needs replacing) or some surf wax can be used as a safety measure to keep the nuts in place. You can also place your finger over the nuts until the
threads catch.

• The screws can be loosened enough to adjust length without completely backing the screws out.
• Insert the handle so at least two inches are inserted into the part. You can check this by looking through the tabs, there shouldn’t be any opening visible.

• Check alignment of the handle by sighting down the handle to the blade (the rounded side of thehandle fits your palm, flat side forward).
• Tighten the screws with the provided tool, first tightening one so it’s just snug then the next and alternating between the two to keep the gap even between the screws. Only tighten until you cannot twist the handle with strong force applied. The gap does not need to be completely closed.

General Care instructions:

Rinse part out with fresh water after use. The screws and nuts are stainless steel and should last the life of your paddle but keeping salt buildup off will help insure they perform optimally.

• When not in use, keep your paddle out of the sun and try to avoid extreme temperature changes(going from a hot car to cold water) whenever possible.
• Occasionally remove your handle to check for any moisture and let it air out. If salt water enters yourshaft rinse it out with fresh water & let dry.