xTuf & xTuf(S) Shaft

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SHAFT ONLY–you need a blade and handle for a complete paddle. xTuf Unidirectional Carbon Fiber shaft 63" long.

The xTuf series shafts are carbon shafts made from impact-resistant unidirectional carbon fiber. Unidirectional fibers are wound on a bias, providing stiffness, torsional strength, and vibration damping. This is a great shaft for coupling with our larger blades since it reduces the catch shock and stores energy for launching you into waves and swells. The xTuf shafts have a different feel than the Elite shafts, due to the uni-directional carbon, but the flex of the regular xTuf would be about a 70 Flex if compared to the Elite shafts, about 80 Flex for the "S" version. The "S" version is perfect for any racer with shoulder or joint problems or surfers who like some flex but who favor paddle control over flex. It tapers from 1" at the handle end to 1.25" at the blade end. The first 6 inches of the handle end are not tapered to permit shortening the shaft without changing diameter. After 6" the shaft tapers .002" per inch of length. The blade end is reinforced with an extra layer of carbon fiber but can be trimmed 2" without compromising the reinforcement.

SHAFT ONLY–you need a blade and handle for a complete paddle.