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KeNalu paddles and accessories are covered by a one-year warranty for manufacturing defects. Our warranty does not cover breakage from abuse, accident, or improper care, such as leaving your paddle in the sun or a hot car for prolonged periods of time.

Care for your paddle:
KeNalu paddles are precision products, designed to be very strong for their weight. But composites age over time and become brittle. Keeping your paddle in a cool, shaded place will extend it's life, as will storing the paddle in a bag or using a blade cover. KeNalu offers high quality paddle bags and blade covers to protect you investment.

Limited One-Year Warranty:
KeNalu guarantees to the original purchaser that our product is free from defects in materials and craftsmanship. If a KeNalu paddle fails under normal use within one year of purchase you can use the warranty claim form below to request replacement or repair of the damaged part (for example: if you have an issue with a Wiki 84 blade the warranty replacement will be a Wiki 84 blade, no exchanging for other models, sizes or types). You must provide a photograph of the broken part (as an attachment–see the warranty form for directions) and provide all the requested information. If you bought your paddle from a dealer you can provide either proof of purchase or provide the dealer name and approximate date. We may contact the dealer to confirm the purchase date. Since KeNalu paddles are modular, only the damaged part(s) will be replaced. Do not send damaged parts–we will notify you if we need to see the actual parts but in most cases photo documentation is sufficient.

KeNalu is not responsible for consequential damage caused by failure of a paddle part.

"Forever Paddle" Policy:
If your paddle is damaged by accident, improper use, or is out of warranty you can use the “Forever Paddle” form below to request special discount pricing on repair parts. You must supply both a photo of the damage and proof of purchase to qualify for the discount. If you purchased the paddle from our website, your name and approximate purchase date is sufficient. If you bought from a dealer then the dealer name and approximate date may be adequate proof. You may also check with your dealer, many of our dealers participate in our “Forever Paddle” program and can supply discounted repair parts for paddles purchased from them.

Warranty Claim Form
To make a warranty claim just fill this form out completely (all fields are required) and upload a picture of the failed part. Please not that accidental damage is not covered by the warranty. This warranty covers manufacturing defects and part failures that occur under normal use. KeNalu paddles are modular, so if a blade fails we replace the blade. You can exchange the broken part with the new one using just a heat gun. See the videos on the KeNalu site for demonstration of how to exchange components.

A photograph showing the failure is required. You do not have to return the damaged part to us unless we specifically request it.

Select one: Warranty Claim
Forever Paddle Discount Request
Full name:
Email address:
Phone Number:
Component and type, such as Elite Wiki Blade or xTuf Shaft:
How did the damage occur:
Where did you purchase your paddle:
KeNalu website
Name of Dealer:
Approximate date of purchase, month/year:
Photo(s) of the damaged area, limit each file to maximum 500 kb, 800x600 is fine.

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