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The Mana, Ke Nalu's next step in the evolution of paddle technology, is now available!

Anyone trying to register as a new customer in our online store and the page shows blank, please contact us and we'll manually create an account for you.


We apply rigorous test and measurement to design and build products better than those previously available. Our tagline: "Powered By Physics" reflects our approach. We respect the long experience and traditions that other manufacturers bring to this sport, and we can't compete with that. So we unleash our inner geek and start with a clean sheet.

We have added some YouTube videos to our channel. Blade descriptions and how to assemble your paddle.


Here's an introductory article on our breakthrough KeNalu Elite Stand Up Paddles and the innovations that make them so great. As you'll see in the article we ignored the current ideas about how a paddle should be built and went our own way. The result is a paddle that is not just different, but that all of our customers are convinced is substantially better.


Our new xTuf line has been enthusiastically embraced by people that want the benefits of the KeNalu Elite Stand Up Paddles but who value impact resistance over extreme lightness. xTufs are also $80 less, and make a great all-around paddle. Here's an article on our KeNalu xTuf Stand Up Paddles.

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